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Corporate Mindfulness

Why Are Mindfulness Sessions At Work So Important?

Mindfulness is the ability to centre yourself in a moment, gaining a heightened awareness of yourself and the world around you. When you are centred, you should be very aware of your thoughts and feelings without feeling it necessary to react or judge them. So, why do we need mindfulness at work? The Yogamigos team is here to help you understand the importance of mindfulness in the workplace.

  • Improved relationships between colleagues. Most workplaces rely on a certain level of collaboration, so your team must get along with one another. Practising mindfulness at work teaches employees to recognise and acknowledge their thoughts without responding with a reactive, emotional response.
  • Mindfulness to reduce stress. When people experience stress, the adrenal gland in the brain is releasing a hormone called cortisol, which causes us to feel panicky and enter our fight or flight mode. While stress isn’t entirely avoidable, mindfulness can bring you back into the moment, help you manage your emotions, and calm yourself down.
  • Improved adaptability. Change in the workplace is unavoidable, so it’s important to help your team become more adaptable. Practising mindfulness will help your team recognise their emotions and self-regulate when unexpected, stressful situations arise.
  • Improved problem-solving and creativity. Mindfulness is all about clearing your mind of mental clutter and achieving clarity. Once you’ve quietened your mind, you’ll have an enhanced capacity for problem solving and creative thinking. If your team participates in meditation before work to clear their minds, they’ll be far more productive and creative throughout the day.
  • Mindfulness improves communication skills. After your team has regularly practised mindfulness at work, their ability to centre themselves in the moment will make them far better active listeners, and therefore better communicators.

How Do Workplace Mindfulness Classes Work?

Regular corporate mindfulness classes are so easy to incorporate into your weekly or monthly work calendar, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t organise them sooner.

  • What does a mindfulness class involve? Our teachers will share practical and accessible mindfulness techniques with your staff. We will go through a range of breathing techniques, guided meditations, and sensory awareness techniques. These exercises are easy to do, and even the most active and distracted minds will be able to participate and enjoy our sessions.
  • Face-to-face classes or online. Our teachers are mobile, so we can come to your workplace. Alternatively, we can also offer the classes online via private Zoom sessions.
  • Figure out how often you’d like your sessions. You can plan corporate mindfulness classes as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. If you want to see a positive impact on your corporate culture, we’d suggest planning weekly or bi-weekly sessions for your team.
  • Figure out when you’d like your sessions. The best part about hiring a mobile mindfulness teacher is the flexibility to choose a time that works for you. Yogamigos can run sessions before, during, or after work. Alternatively, they can run multiple sessions in a day so everyone in the office can organise a time to attend!
  • Contact Yogamigos. We’ll provide an experienced, professional mindfulness teacher to run classes in the office whenever it suits you.

How To Prepare For Your Corporate Mindfulness Sessions

If you decide to hire a Yogamigos mindfulness teacher, there are a few things you can do to prepare your team for their first class.

  • Give your team plenty of notice. Let your team know about the corporate mindfulness class in advance so they can block out time in their day to focus on their own health and wellbeing.
  • Set aside a quiet space for the class. Your team will need a quiet space to practice mindfulness techniques. Your staff can either practice mindfulness sitting in chairs, sitting on the floor or lying down, and they may wish to bring a towel or a mat if they want to lie down. Some offices can move some furniture to make room for their mindfulness class, whereas others will need to find an alternative solution.

Corporate Mindfulness Costs

Gifting your colleagues with tailored mindfulness and meditation sessions at work is priceless! However, if you’re interested in the numbers, costs may vary depending on how many students attend the class, the duration of the sessions, and the number of sessions you wish to book. The more sessions you book, the cheaper the rate. Here is a rough pricing guide below based on up to 20 people per session:

INTRO SESSION – One 1-hour corporate session: $247 plus GST

WELLBEING BUNDLE – Six 1-hour corporate sessions: $219 plus GST per session

ZEN BUNDLE – Twelve 1-hour corporate sessions: $199 plus GST per session

Depending on your location and teacher availability, travel fees may also apply. 

If you are hosting a corporate event and wish to include a wellbeing session, please contact us directly for a tailored quote.

At Yogamigos, we believe that yoga, mindfulness, and pilates should be accessible to all Australians. That’s why we began our mobile yoga, pilates, and mindfulness business almost in 2012. Now, we’re proud to have a team of over 350 mobile instructors across the country. We have plenty of experience offering yoga, pilates, and mindfulness sessions to clients of all ages, from the little ones right through to our senior citizens. Because Yogamigos has mobile instructors, we can bring our classes to you, and we can also provide our classes online. Whether you’re organising workplace yoga sessions, or looking at incorporating a yoga, pilates or mindfulness session at your next corporate planning day, or a stretch session before a big event; your wonderful Yogamigos instructor is ready to share their love of yoga, pilates, and mindfulness to help you get more out of your day. If you’re interested in our corporate classes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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