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Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care

Seniors Yoga

Our mobile yoga, pilates, tai chi, and mindfulness teachers deliver gentle and accessible exercise classes to address the needs of elderly people.

Our mobile sessions are run at your aged care facility, nursing home, or retirement village, and can be held in communal spaces such as a lounge room, garden, or exercise area. Our experienced yoga teachers have unique skill sets and we can tailor aged care yoga classes to suit the needs of your organisation and the individuals, whether it be for anxiety management, improved posture, flexibility, fun, or a combination of all of these. Some less agile residents can benefit simply from breathing exercises and gentle movements from the comfort of their chairs.

Seniors Wellbeing Programs

  • How Seniors Yoga Can Change The Lives Of Aged Care Residents

    Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is so important in older age, and seniors yoga is one of the best ways for senior people to keep healthy and active. At YOGAMIGOS, we believe that every retirement village, nursing home, and aged care facility should incorporate yoga for seniors into their lifestyle, health, and wellbeing programs. That’s why we have more than 50 mobile instructors that teach yoga classes for seniors, and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand.

  • The Most Frequently Asked Questions About YOGAMIGOS Pilates For Seniors

    Anyone who’s been to or watched a pilates session might think it’s a little bit too intense for the senior citizens of an aged care facility, but think again! YOGAMIGOS are specialists in teaching pilates to seniors. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the health benefits of pilates, so we’ve modified traditional workouts to suit the physical needs of seniors. We frequently get asked about our pilates for seniors, so we thought we’d let you know a bit more about it.

  • The Benefits Of Mindfulness Sessions In Aged Care Facilities

    Mindfulness is the art of being aware of the present moment. Whether you’re enjoying your surroundings, revelling in an experience, or focusing on your body, mindfulness exercises help us calm our minds and ease stress, nervousness, and anxiety. Studies have shown that older people who practice regular mindfulness have a better quality of life, reporting better mental and physical wellbeing. The YOGAMIGOS team felt that seniors living in aged care facilities and retirement homes across Australia should have access to the benefits of mindfulness, so our mobile teachers provide classes specialising in mindfulness for the elderly.

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