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Private Events and Special Occasions

Private Events and Special Occasions

Private Yoga

A wellbeing session is a great addition to enhance the occasion and create a perfectly calm and peaceful vibe for your next event.

Our mobile yoga, pilates, mindulfness and wellbeing sessions can be held at your holiday destination, a local park, or your party venue. Our experienced yoga teachers have a unique skill set and we can tailor the yoga and/or meditation classes to suit your personal needs or the needs of your group whether it be for rehabilitation, general exercise, or for some fun with friends.

  • Get Into The Right Headspace For Your Next Event

    If you’re in a bad headspace, it can affect almost every aspect of your life, including your ability to enjoy an event you’ve been looking forward to. No matter how much fun the event may be, sometimes we struggle to leave our negative thoughts and energy behind so we can enjoy ourselves. At YOGAMIGOS, we believe the secret to getting into the right headspace before an event is mindfulness exercises and meditation. We’re here to show you how mindfulness works to rid you of your negative thoughts so you can be present in every moment.

  • Make Your Next Event One To Remember With YOGAMIGOS

    If you’ve been planning a big event for quite some time, it’s only natural that you should have some pre-event jitters. There’s no better way to relax and calm those nerves than a little bit of yoga. YOGAMIGOS offer private yoga lessons to help you get ready to make the most of your big day. Our mobile yoga teachers will come out to you, and we can tailor our classes to meet the needs of your group or event. So, here’s how you can make your next event unforgettable with YOGAMIGOS.

  • Who Said Pilates Couldn’t Be A Party?

    When you think of pilates, you’d be forgiven if a party isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. At YOGAMIGOS, we have over 100 mobile instructors all over Australia ready to turn your private pilates class into an unforgettable party experience. If you’re wondering how you can incorporate a pilates session into your next event, we’ve got you covered with some fun, unique suggestions.

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