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A YOGAMIGOS Yoga Teacher Can Make Yoga Accessible For All Levels and Abilities

Yoga is one of those exercises in which you never stop learning and growing. While it’s completely normal to think ‘I’m not flexible enough for yoga’ or ‘I can’t even touch my toes’, we are here to help you have fun while practising the art of yoga. YOGAMIGOS understands the importance of correct technique, so we suggest organising a session with an experienced yoga teacher. We tailor our classes to suit people of all levels of experience and physical ability and offer pose modifications throughout our classes. Here are a few ways a YOGAMIGOS mobile yoga instructor can help you.

How To Practice Yoga Safely

We want to make sure our students are practising safely, reducing the risk of injury at all times. We’re here to share our skills and experience with you.

  • Deep breathing. Yoga teaches relaxing deep breathing techniques designed to oxygenate the blood, organs, and muscles and encourage mindful meditation. If you’re going red in the face holding your breath during an asana, we can help you breathe easier.
  • Moving with ease. One of the main takeaways from yoga is to become attuned and aware of one’s body. We’ll help you listen to your body when it’s telling you something, even if that something is ‘stop bending that way, it hurts!’. Each movement in your yoga class should stretch your muscles, but you shouldn’t be in physical pain. We will teach you the correct ways to move in and out of poses safely.
  • Let’s start at the very beginning. If you’re new to yoga, we’re not going to ask you to stand on your head or balance your weight on one arm. At YOGAMIGOS, our yoga mobile teachers tailor each session to each group’s physical needs and abilities. Whether we’re teaching school students or seniors, each session should be appropriate for the least and most experienced people in the group with helpful modifications for all poses.
  • Inclusion and acceptance for all abilities. If you’re hoping to look like an Instagram-perfect yoga influencer on your first session, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s ok for your yoga poses to be a bit messy, and not everyone will do a pose precisely the same way as everyone’s body is different. Do what feels right for you and listen to your yoga teacher when they offer a different modification or technique.

Tips And Tricks For Yoga-Enthusiasts Of All Levels Of Experience

No matter how long you’ve been doing yoga, a YOGAMIGOS mobile yoga instructor can give you a few tips, tricks, and pieces of advice to help you get the most out of your sessions.

  • Warm up your wrists before each session. Many asanas rely on your wrists, so make sure to warm up before you begin. Between sessions, you can improve your wrist strength by doing planks.
  • Eat lightly before class. Don’t overdo it with a big meal before your yoga lesson. If you’re attending a morning class, try a bowl of granola, yoghurt, and mixed berries about an hour before your session. For evening or night classes, have a banana or a protein bar about half an hour before you begin.
  • Invest in some comfortable activewear. You don’t need to break the bank to buy the fanciest designer activewear, but you might want to invest in a pair of good-quality leggings or shorts. They’ll support you as you move and stretch, and you’ll feel comfortable throughout your yoga session.
  • Find comfort in stillness. If you have trouble sitting still, you’re not alone. Whenever we’re on public transport, watching TV, or on the toilet, we feel the need to pull out our phones, tap our fingers, and just do something. The key to getting the most out of your yoga session is to calm your mind and be at peace with stillness. You can do this by actively noticing when you become jittery and restless outside of your yoga classes.

How To Set Yourself Up For A Positive Yoga Session

If you want to make yoga a regular exercise, you need to create a ritual or routine around your session. Try doing the following before and after your session with your YOGAMIGOS yoga teacher.

  • When you wake up, leave the phone alone. It’s tempting to roll over and check your notifications when you wake up, but try checking in with yourself first. Notice the sunlight coming into your room, enjoy the sounds of the birds and cars, look outside and see what the weather is doing; just leave your phone where it is.
  • Have something light for breakfast. Enjoy some fruit or granola and a coffee to kick off your morning.
  • Read or journal with breakfast. Keep avoiding your phone! Try writing down your to-do list, journaling your thoughts, reading a book, or reading a newspaper instead.
  • Do your yoga session. Our YOGAMIGOS yoga teachers are mobile, so they’ll come to you. Whether you’re doing a corporate yoga class before work or you’re meeting some friends for a private lesson, enjoy the session and calm your mind.
  • Get ready for your day. We still haven’t checked our phone yet! Have a shower, get dressed, and get ready to start the day.
  • Now you can check your phone. Okay, go for it. Scroll Instagram, check emails, browse Facebook; you’ve earned it!

If You’d Like To Book A Mobile Yoga Instructor, YOGAMIGOS Would Love To Work With You!

At YOGAMIGOS, we believe that yoga, mindfulness, and pilates should be accessible for all Australians. That’s why we began our mobile yoga, pilates, and mindfulness business in 2012. Now, we’re proud to have a team of 100 mobile instructors across the country. We have plenty of experience offering yoga, pilates, and mindfulness sessions to clients of all ages, from the little ones right through to our senior citizens. Because YOGAMIGOS have mobile instructors, we can bring our classes to you. We can also provide our classes online. Whether you’re looking to book a private yoga lesson with some friends, or you’d like to plan a seniors yoga class for the aged care facility you work within, your wonderful YOGAMIGOS instructor is ready to share their love of yoga, pilates, and mindfulness to help you get more out of your day. If you’re interested in booking a mobile yoga teacher, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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