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School Yoga Incursion

Yoga For Schools

Movement and physical activity is an essential part of the Australian Curriculum, and students of all ages are expected to learn how to move and understand movement. The YOGAMIGOS team are passionate about helping Aussie kids access exercises that build strength, flexibility, and relaxation while simultaneously encouraging kids to have fun. That’s why we developed our school yoga incursion program, which promotes exercise, positivity, and mindfulness to students of all ages. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about our yoga curriculum for schools right here.

What Is A School Yoga Incursion?

The YOGAMIGOS school yoga incursion is a fun, inclusive and non-competitive program designed to introduce and engage students in mindfulness and yoga techniques while simultaneously helping educators meet a range of curriculum requirements. Our mobile yoga instructors will come to your school to complete a 30-90 minute session with your students.

  • Our instructors have the necessary qualifications. Our mobile yoga instructors have working with children qualifications relevant to your state. For example, in Queensland, our teachers have Blue Cards, in Victoria, they have Working With Children Checks, and in the Northern Territory, they have Ochre Cards.
  • We’ll tailor our sessions to your students. At YOGAMIGOS, we believe that yoga in schools within Australia should be accessible to all, so we make sure our classes are inclusive. We tailor our sessions to meet the individual needs of your students so that everyone can participate regardless of physical ability.
  • We teach skills for day-to-day life. Yoga for school students equips them with life skills they can use every single day. We teach breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques that students can use to improve their rationalisation and emotional regulation skills.
  • School yoga incursions promote self-love. We encourage self-esteem and positive self-image to give students confidence inside and outside of school.
  • Our classes promote physical fitness. Yoga enhances physical strength, fitness, and flexibility for students of all ages.

The Benefits Of Primary School Yoga

Students aged between 5 and 12 are undergoing all kinds of physical and cognitive changes, and primary school yoga has far-reaching positive effects on their health and wellbeing.

  • It improves memory and attention spans. Yoga calms the mind and reduces inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity while enhancing memory and academic performance.
  • It teaches mindfulness early on. Mindfulness techniques are often life-changing to learn as an adult, and we often hear people wishing they’d learned these skills earlier in life. Through YOGAMIGOS’ school yoga incursions, we teach primary school students the skills for emotional regulation and strategies to calm their minds when they feel upset and anxious.
  • Yoga enhances coping skills. Younger children are faced with a lot of daily stress, and while they may appear outwardly resilient, it’s always best to teach them strategies to cope with anxiety and stress. Yoga helps kids identify stress, manage it, and stay productive despite it.
  • It increases self-confidence. Ideas of self-image start young, and it’s important to encourage positive self-esteem and confidence from an early age. Yoga focuses on building physical strength, and the empowerment they feel when they perfect a pose, improve their flexibility, or see personal growth will stay with them long after they leave the mat.

The Benefits Of High School Yoga

Adolescence is an overwhelming time. The physical, cognitive, and hormonal changes combined with exam stress, relationships, global issues, mental health and social media; it’s a lot for young people to manage.


Our wellbeing programs in high schools offer a slight reprieve from the chaos, teaching students a range of movement and mindfulness techniques to shift stress and tension from their minds and bodies. 

  • Yoga helps manage stress, anxiety, and depression. According to Beyond Blue, almost one-fifth of young people aged 11-17 experience high or very high levels of psychological distress, including symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques taught in high school yoga help adolescents manage their symptoms productively, particularly when they feel overwhelmed.
  • It improves self-control. Teenagers aren’t renowned for their decision-making skills, often making impulsive, irrational decisions that lead to serious consequences. It’s not completely their fault; after all, their prefrontal cortex is still developing! However, yoga can provide them with the skills to emotionally regulate, so they don’t make impulsive decisions in heightened emotional states. Controlled breathing and controlled movement teach adolescents to clear their minds and to wait before making decisions.
  • Yoga improves the quality of sleep. Adolescents need to get anywhere between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. A good night’s sleep means better memory, a stronger immune system, enhanced creativity, and improved academic performance, so anything that promotes quality sleep should be encouraged. Studies indicate that teenagers who practice yoga get a better quality of sleep. They wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on their day.
  • It gives a natural energy boost. Yoga gets the blood pumping and the body oxygenated, and adolescents who do regular yoga report feeling more energised and invigorated throughout the day. The more energy they have, the more likely they are to perform better at school!

How To Organise A School Yoga Incursion For Your Students

Arranging yoga for students in the classroom has never been easier with YOGAMIGOS’ mobile yoga instructors. Here’s a step-by-step on how to organise your school yoga incursion.

  • Figure out when you need us. Are you planning to host a one-time yoga class for your students, or are you thinking of making it a regular event throughout the school term? Do you have an upcoming wellbeing week and want to run some half or full-day sessions for your students? Is it for a select class, the grade cohort, or the whole school? Are you planning on holding yoga classes just for students, or would you like to include some yoga for teachers in schools as well? Just let us know when and how often you need your mobile yoga teacher to come to your school, and we’ll sort out the details! If your school is in a more remote location, we offer online Zoom classes that your students can join.
  • Contact YOGAMIGOS. We’ll provide an experienced, professional yoga teacher to run classes whenever it suits you.
  • Let us know if we need to tailor our sessions. Do you have a particular curriculum learning objective that you’d like us to weave into our program delivery? Do your students have special learning requirements that we can assist with? Let us know as soon as you book so we can tailor our lesson to meet your needs. We’re committed to providing classes in which everyone can participate so that no student will be left out of your yoga incursion.
  • Set aside a space for the class. You’ll need to provide each student with around 2sqm of space so they can move freely without accidentally knocking their neighbour. We can run the session in a classroom, in an auditorium or hall, or outdoors on the oval.
  • Prepare your students. Make sure your students are prepared for their yoga class in advance. We suggest asking them to wear loose, comfortable clothing, tying back their hair, and having a water bottle close by.

How Much Does Yoga For Schools Cost?

Gifting your students with tailored yoga and wellbeing sessions is priceless! However, if you’re interested in the numbers, costs may vary depending on how many students attend the class, the duration of the sessions, and the number of sessions you wish to book. The more sessions you book, the cheaper the rate. Here is a rough pricing guide below:

INTRO SESSION – One 1-hour school session 
30 students: $297 plus GST
50 students: $349 plus GST
WELLBEING BUNDLE – Four 1-hour school sessions 
30 students: $859 plus GST
50 students: $1249 plus GST
ZEN BUNDLE – Six 1-hour school sessions 
30 students: $1279 plus GST
50 students: $1799 plus GST
Please note that depending on teacher availability and your location, travel fees may apply Participants are encouraged to bring their own mats or towels. If the room is carpeted, mats are not required. We may be able to provide mats at an additional cost, subject to availability.

If you are hosting a school wellbeing event and wish to include a wellbeing session for your students or staff, please contact us directly for a tailored quote.


If You’re Looking For Yoga For Schools, YOGAMIGOS Would Love To Work With You!

At YOGAMIGOS, we believe that yoga, mindfulness, and pilates should be accessible to all Australians. That’s why we began our mobile yoga, pilates, and mindfulness business in 2012. Now, we’re proud to have a team of over 200 mobile instructors across the country. We have plenty of experience offering yoga, pilates, and mindfulness sessions to clients of all ages, from the little ones right through to our senior citizens. Because YOGAMIGOS has mobile instructors, we can bring our classes to you. We can also provide our classes online. Whether you’re looking for lessons for little preppies, primary school students, or high school students, your wonderful YOGAMIGOS instructor is ready to share their love of yoga, pilates, and mindfulness to help you get more out of your day. If you’re interested in our school yoga incursion, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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