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Where will the school yoga and mindfulness sessions be held?

  • YOGAMIGOS come to your school. Choose an isolated area so students will not be disturbed
  • Areas where sessions can take place include classrooms (with furniture moved to the side), the gym or the oval
  • The amount of space required will depend on the number of participants. A good rule of thumb is to allow two square metres for each participant. This easily takes into account a 60cm x 170cm mat for each person

What do students need for the session?

  • Comfortable clothing that allows for a range of movement
  • A bottle of water
  • Mats and blocks are provided by YOGAMIGOS if required

How long will the sessions be?

  • They generally run from 45 to 90 minutes

What will the students learn from the sessions?

  • The sessions are designed around the needs of individual schools and students
  • Lessons can include relaxation and stress management techniques, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, body awareness, strength and flexibility, creative play and promoting self-esteem.

How do we pay for the sessions?

  • Paying for YOGAMIGOS sessions and packages is easy. YOGAMIGOS will provide the school with an invoice prior to the class and you can pay by either cheque, cash or direct deposit.
  • All payments must be received three days prior to the session being held.
  • Direct Deposit bank details will be provided with an invoice.